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Project Overview

In response to the Covid 19 outbreak, provinces limited interprovincial travel by inducing mandatory quarantine periods. As a direct result, Shipyard estimators could no longer reasonably travel inter-provincially for ship surveys and to vessels in need of service. As an adaptive and quick-responding organization, AMS was tasked by the Canadian Coast Guard with bringing vessels to estimators virtually, thereby overcoming the practical challenge of COVID-19, reducing delays to the bidding process, and helping to ensure the projected Vessel Life Extensions (VLEs) stayed on-schedule.


As an urgent and ‘get it right the first-time’ scenario, AMS placed a highly experienced Senior team member on board the vessels and conducted Video and Photo Surveys of vessel components in alignment with the vessel refit spec items. Videos and photos named per spec items were uploaded, stored and made accessible to relevant parties to vessel-specific SharePoint sites hosted and maintained by AMS. This enabled Shipyard estimators to view the ship refit spec items remotely in preparation for bidding the vessel refit.

AMS is proud to have helped demonstrate the effective, practical application of the Virtual Bidders Conference concept with CCG so that it can be leveraged as needed in the future. Furthermore, we were proud to demonstrate our responsiveness as well, by turning around the Virtual Bidders Conference within one week for the CCGS Cygnus, a vessel that was alongside for a very short time.

“The Canadian Coast Guard had a requirement for a virtual video viewing of two Coast Guard vessels for an upcoming major maintenance period. The other requirement was to have these videos, photos and files stored on a virtual drive and made accessible to possible bidders for up to six months.

AMS was able to record videos and still photos of each vessel and upload to a Sharepoint Drive. This drive was made accessible to CG and any potential bidders to review, download and share. By providing the Sharepoint Drive this replaced the normal in person viewing of each vessel and reduced in person contact during this covid 19 pandemic.

Now that AMS has provided CG with a Sharepoint Drive, it will make it easier and quicker to share large files with a larger number of individuals. Due to the success of this project, other Coast Guard vessels have now started to use this service for upcoming maintenance periods as well.”

Geoff Stewart

Senior Vessel Maintenance Manager – Marine Engineering, Atlantic Region (North) at Canadian Coast Guard