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The Adaptive Marine Solutions National Capital Region office is located in Kanata, Ontario and our Atlantic Canada Office is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

To best meet the needs of clients, as well as leverage talent where ever it may be found in Canada, AMS team members are also remotely distributed throughout Canada.

Industry Relationships

We believe in supporting community:

  • internally, in the AMS team
  • geographically, supporting local and national communities; and
  • in industry, helping to ensure the Canadian Marine industry thrives

We are proud for our designers and engineers to be part of the professional community through their memberships, designations and relationships with trusted professional organizations.

We are proud to support the future talent of the Canadian Marine industry through our relationship and collaboration with the “Marine Institute” – the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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AMS is a Controlled Goods organization and can support Canadian government security clearance needs.
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Adaptive Marine Solutions is proud to be a 100% Canadian Owned and Operated Team, supporting Canadian Content Value (CCV) requirements for clients with CCV/ITB obligations.

Founding Leadership

Bruce Cutler

President & Naval Architect

Bruce Cutler has over 25 years’ experience in the ship building industry, ranging from conceptual design to ship maintenance and surveying, in both Canada and the United States. Bruce is passionate about ensuring shipbuilding in Canada thrives and believes that innovating, adapting and mentoring are key components in maintaining success in the Canadian industry.

With his breadth of experience and domain expertise Bruce ensures that AMS remains at all times a solution-focused company that adapts to meet the needs of its clients.

Toby Butler

Vice-President & Naval Architect

A Naval Architect of Over 20 years, Toby Butler is a veteran of the Marine Industry and is a natural problem solver. With a vast breadth of experience in both vessel design and construction, Toby provides a deep understanding of the intricacies of design that lead to a successful build program.

Toby brings a ‘get it done’ and solution-focused approach to his leadership of day to day operations, ensuring the AMS team is always focused on solving problems and progressing work to the expectations of clients.

The AMS Vision

Founded in 2018 by Bruce Cutler & Toby Butler, Adaptive Marine Solutions Inc. was built on a simple, shared vision; that many of the challenges of the Marine industry could be addressed by a company that was willing and able to deeply understand the needs of each project and truly transform itself in order to best meet those unique needs and goals.

AMS had its first chance to prove this vision as a small team supporting Alion Canada (SERCO Canada) in their effort to develop a 3D production model for the construction of the RCN Joint Support Ship (JSS) being built in Vancouver, Canada. As the project ramped up, so did AMS.

Today, the AMS team includes expertise across Canada in supporting all aspects of the 3D model, including Structure, Piping, Equipment, Electrical, and HVAC. AMS continues to grow and demonstrate to its clients and industry the value of the Adaptive, Solution-first approach to Client needs.

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