CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent Refit


Davie Shipyard




Louis S. St. Laurent

Project Overview

Engineering and detail design for drydocking and refit activities. AMS completed the work scopes listed below:

  1. Pump and Pipe Replacement
  2. Extended Spindle Replacement
  3. AV Gas Unit Replacement
  4. Piping Renewals
  5. Windlass Foundation Replacement


Pump and Pipe Replacement

12 pumps were replaced with pipe rerouting and foundation modifications to align with new pump configurations.

  • Vessel survey and 3D scanning
  • Equipment modelling of new pumps (per Vendor data)
  • Over model of the 3D Scan to route pipes to align with new pump configuration (180 deg pumps vs 90 deg pumps)
  • Destruct drawings
  • Spool drawings
  • Package install arrangement drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Plate nesting drawings

Extended Spindle Replacement

Mechanically operated valve spindles replaced with electrically operated actuators

  • Ship survey and 3D scanning to capture as fitted condition.
  • Removal drawings indicate the rip out of existing mechanical spindles.
  • Repair details in way of penetrations of removed spindles
  • Actuator power and control cable routing diagram
  • Control panel foundation assembly and installation details

Piping Renewals

Capture the condition of the existing system

  • Ship survey and 3D scanning to verify as fitted condition of fireman and sprinklers
  • Update of Fire main and Sprinkler lines to align with as fitted survey

AV Gas Unit

The existing unit to be replaced with a new unit. AMS coordinated with the vendor to ensure the unit would fit in the location of the existing with minimal clashes.

  • Arrangement Drawing to locate the unit and check for potential clashes
  • Foundation adapter structure detail and installation drawings

Windlass Foundation Replacement

  • 3 engineering studies to lower the windlass for better sight lines.
  • Engineering detail drawing for the chosen option