Mid-Shore Multi-Mission Vessel Concept


Internal Project in response to an RFI issued by Canadian Coast Guard




Mid-Shore Multi-Mission Vessel

Project Overview

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) issued an RFI for new vessel concept designs for Mid-Shore Multi-Mission (MSMM) vessels. After an internal review, AMS made the decision to develop a concept design for this vessel as part of our internal Innovation stream.

This decision was made based on 2 main considerations:

  1. An organizational interest in determining if and how the client requirements could be satisfied in the limited platform of a vessel <1000 Ton lightship displacement.
  2. Providing certain AMS designers, recently trained on select Aveva software components, a hands-on project to test and refine their skills in a practical application.


The Primary roles of this vessel were identified as:

  • Aids to Navigation (AToN)
  • Ice Breaking in the form of shallow harbor breakouts
  • Flood control
  • Commercial track maintenance
  • Ecosystem and marine science
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Search and Rescue services

AMS internally delivered a 3D model in Aveva Marine, General Arrangement Drawings and  Structure Drawings in service of the client requirements. The AMS concept is based on a traditional icebreaker buoy tender design with an aft superstructure and midship Buoy handling deck.

Building upon this design work, AMS is planning and performing further innovation studies for this vessel related to:

  1. Energy efficient and green technology incorporation
  2. Accommodating mission modularity, where feasible
  3. Gender Neutral Accommodations