Adaptive Delivery Principles

Our Approach to Delivering Client Solutions


Adapting solutions that fit the unique needs, objectives, quality requirements and circumstances of every client project.

New technologies, approaches and applications

Analyzing client projects to determine the applicability of new technologies and approaches to maximize client objectives.

Continuous improvement

Internal continuous improvement processes and cycles keep projects running efficiently and effectively, even when external challenges occur.

Early entry of quality systems and checkpoints

Our quality systems engage as early as possible in every project to ensure high-quality deliverables while increasing confidence in schedules and budgets.

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3D Modelling and Drafting

For Ship Design

AMS Develops early models for design assessment and build planning.  This model can also be progressed to a level for extraction of design deliverables (drawings) to the client or regulatory body. 

Early models are developed in a way that they can progress to the detail design and modeling stage.

For Ship Construction

Production Modelling:

  • The AMS team has a core focus in 2 software platforms: AVEVA and Ship Constructor
  • Starting with Engineering inputs, our team develops a highly detailed 3D model containing all required information for ship construction, including Structure, Piping, Outfit and Equipment, HVAC and Electrical

Production Information (PI) Drafting:

  • From the 3D model, we produce Production Information (PI) drawings
  • Drawings are created in Packages to align with the shipyard build strategy
  • Includes: Assembly drawings, Pipe Arrangements, Pipe Spools, Pipe Arrangements, HVAC Arrangements, Electrical Cable Layouts, Pipe Supports, HVAC Supports, Electrical Supports

Our adaptive team are highly experienced in in both AVEVA & ShipConstructor software. We actively explore other software and are flexible to your technological environment.

Vessel Refits and Modernization

Our Vessel owner clients invest in the repair, restoration, renewal, and/or renovation of “older” vessels for a variety of reasons, such as the incorporation of new technology, Ergonomic needs of the crew, Environmental Regulation changes (ex: fuel consumption, emissions, and waste discharge), new approaches to operations, and updates to Classification society requirements. 

Using our “Client-shaped Solutions” approach, we start every refit or modernization project with thorough client consultation, with the objective of truly understanding the needs, requirements, and objectives of each project and client organization, to facilitate smooth integration at refit and ensure true project success.

This includes client meetings (remote or on-site), vessel visits and on-site surveys, and information collection (as required) to develop baseline requirements and discussions and validation with senior personnel regarding the required end-result and objectives of the work. We pride ourselves on maintaining clarity and communication throughout the design stages to ensure alignment of scope with final delivery.

Our clients rely on us not only to deliver what was asked for but to ensure that delivery will fully and truly support their objectives and help them achieve their return on investment.

Marine Consulting and Engineering

Program Blockages, risks, unknowns, and perceived unsolvable problems are ever-present and stand to derail a project at any time.  AMS can help reduce and prevent schedule and cost overruns and offer solutions to unique problems through our Engineering/Design and PM experience and expertise.   

AMS is well equipped to provide a wide range of engineering and consulting services for:

  • The early planning for design, construction, and refit,
  • Design and engineering support of new builds or refit programs  
  • Vessel optimization and life extension studies 
  • Vessel upgrades for compliance with new regulations 
  • Vessel upgrades to facilitate a new operating profile
  • Structural Analysis, including structural systems 
  • On-site support: Ensuring construction as per approved drawings/specifications to high-quality standards

Project Management 

Using in-house project management staff, processes, and toolsets, AMS will status, track, and progress projects to ensure successful completion of your design, modification, or construction project. AMS uses established best practices and internal processes for risk and change management to avoid and mitigate negative impacts to baseline program plans and schedules.

float house design
float house design
Coast Guard ship
Coast Guard ship

Ship Survey Services

Timely and accurate vessel information is critical to the support of scheduled refit and modernization, planned maintenance, damage repair, as well as the support of spec writing and accurate bid development activities. Our suite of ship survey methods help Vessel Owners, Operations groups and Engineering groups establish an actualized view of vessel state and condition to ensure that necessary activities can be planned and help to ensure plans are realistic so that activities are efficient, and schedules and budgets can be achieved.

AMS performs a number of verification methods to ensure accurate recording of vessel info. 

3D Scanning: Captures complex geometry and characteristics of piping, equipment, structure or compartments. This can be the gateway to developing a highly accurate CAD file when one is not available, thus greatly improving the results of the project by minimizing wasted time and guesswork from incomplete or incorrect data.

Photo and Video: Bringing the vessel to offsite parties in order to access the ship virtually for the purposes of accurate bidding. 

In the COVID-19 environment, health and safety as well as travel considerations can make it difficult or impractical or too negatively impactful to have multiple parties on site for viewing and assessing the vessel. Our photo and video surveys bring the vessel to the relevant parties, minimizing health and safety concerns, and keeping activities to schedule.

On-site measurement and verification: For the purposes of refit, on site measurement and verification are a simplified and cost-effective solution to ensure quality information is available to establish a baseline vessel condition.

AVEVA Software Implementation

As the official Canadian Marine Engineering Registered System Integrator as well as daily AVEVA software users, we leverage our in-house experts to provide complete AVEVA software support, including:

  • Software Training: Self-guided and instructor-led, all our training includes hands-on learning and scenario-driven validated-learning certification.
  • Software Implementation: Interested in AVEVA for your organization? Our in-house experts work closely with clients to understand how AVEVA can support current and future needs of the organization and design and implement client-shaped solutions.
  • AVEVA Consulting: Have a question? Looking for opportunities to better leverage the software? Our experts can help you address specific challenges and leverage solutions to reduce effort and eliminate waste.
  • Software Sales: Need licenses? We can help with that, too.