Terry Fox Bridge Console


Canadian Coast Guard




CCGS Terry Fox

Project Overview

CCGS is investigating the replacement of the CCGS Terry Fox Bridge consoles with a new modern arrangement that better aligns with the vessel operations.


AMS was contracted to design a new console layout. A Senior team member met with the ship Captains on board the vessel to collaboratively establish a set of baseline requirements for the new console that would fulfill crew operational needs.

The Bridge was extensively surveyed to capture the existing console. Next, a baseline drawing was created for the Captains to review and offer input to ensure all needs were being met. Upon incorporation of the Captains inputs, a final design arrangement was issued to CCG that could be used in spec development by CCG for issue to console suppliers for bid purposes.

AMS was proud to meet CCG needs on this project and demonstrate our client-shaped approach and work collaboratively with the Captains to ensure a validated design that truly meets needs for the future.