VARD Emergency Towing Assessments – T1100


VARD Canada




CCGS Ann Harvey, CCGS Georges R Pearks & CCGS Griffon

Project Overview

Covid 19 provided challenges to many in the marine industry. Due to our capabilities and representation in the Atlantic region, Vard Canada engaged AMS to support UT and survey work on several vessels in NL Canada.


AMS acted as VARD site representative and supplied oversite to the UT survey group as they measured thicknesses of mooring and tow gear, as well as deck plate and bulwarks in way of mooring gear. AMS surveyed the Aft mooring decks to provide an accurate arrangement of the mooring deck to the engineering team at VARD Canada, to support their work.

We are proud on this project to demonstrate our adaptability, our customer-shaped solutions approach, our ability to consistently meet tight schedules.